We believe in durability and longevity over fast fashion.


DSTM is a unique mix of bodywear, lingerie, loungewear and swimwear made with ecological and performance fabrics of the highest quality. Each piece is thoughtfully designed with cuts that flatter different body types while giving shape and support without underwires. The clothing is soft to the skin and is made to be worn as underwear, outerwear or swimwear.

Our Production

DSTM STUDIO: The DSTM studio is located behind the boutique in the heart of Berlin. All prototypes and samples are conceived and developed in the DSTM studio through the magical hands of our small team using traditional techniques with draping, drafting, pattern-making and hand grading. Our accessories are created in house one by one.

Each sample is personally tested out by the team and friends and goes through many trials to find the perfect fit. Having the boutique attached to the atelier helps the team get constant feedback from customers, allowing their concerns to reach the production team directly. The studio aims to create a harmonic work environment for strong women, to create garments for strong women.

MADE IN EUROPE: Each of our pieces is ethically produced by family-run ateliers in the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria. Long term partnerships with them enabled us to develop special techniques and finishings unique to the brand. We aim to produce garments of the highest quality while ensuring the quality of life of each person that is involved in making our pieces.

Our Materials

ECO: DSTM garments are made with ecological and performance fabrics certified with the OEKO-TEX® standard. 

PERFORMANCE:  Our performance fabrics are durable, ultra soft and draw moisture away from the skin, making them suitable for prolonged and active wear. Using performance fabrics allow the garments to last longer than similar garments made of different fabrics. We place special focus on easy care + low maintenance. The fabric, shape and colour are not altered with repeated washing. 

Our Fit + Design

SUPPORT DESIGN: During their development, the garments are fitted and tested on a variety of body types, from the team to friends and customers. We get feedback on the fit, the feel and the look all throughout the design process. If we wouldn't wear it its not getting made.

CONTOURING THE BODY: Our styles are designed to accommodate various bodies and shapes. The garments are developed to support and lift, contouring and shaping the body with the use of complex pattern-work. 

WIRELESS PHILOSOPHY: The wireless idea came out of a night out where dancing with an underwire bra, it was moving around, getting sweaty, irritating and leaving marks. We wanted something that provided support and lift but was also comfortable enough to wear and dance all night. This lead to the development of the “Form” Bra and and started the wireless philosophy we use for the rest of our bras. We aim for the beauty and design of a lingerie bra and the performance aspects of a sports bra.